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Roppongi Hills
Tokyo, Japan

Developed by the Mori Corporation, Roppongi Hills was one of Tokyo's 'new generation' fully integrated urban centres. This mixed-use project has a gross floor area of 762,000 m² on a 11 hectare site. Mori's original project vision was to create a multi-purpose, integrated inner city community where people could work, live and play; and ultimately reduce commuting times.

The 50,000 m² retail and leisure complex (designed by The Jerde Partnership) complemented the 54-story Mori Tower centerpiece. The shopping mall combined an indoor-outdoor experience included various shops, restaurants and cinema complex.

Open public spaces were integrated into the shopping and leisure functions with central gathering plaza for hosting and celebrating special events.

The project opened in April 2003 and was one of Japan's largest mixed use project at the time.

Thomas Consultants collaborated with The Jerde Partnership, Client Group and leasing team to define the opportunity for the retail and leisure complex with respect to:

  • Project role and function;
  • Retail market positioning; and
  • Tenant mix and merchandise plan preparation.

Thomas Consultants was involved on the initial project planning process for six months to define the overall retail development opportunity.